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Tranquility Herbal Blend - For Anxiety & Stress for sale in Chandler, AZ buy in US, Free Classifieds Ads

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Are you like me that when you are in bed random thoughts or songs or just thinking about what your have to do in morning stops you from falling asleep? I finally found something that stops all of those things that keeps me from falling asleep. What I am talking about is Tranquility. I take Tranquility about an hour before bed time. I fall asleep faster without the morning grogginess that some sleep aids cause. Tranquility works for me it can work for you too. To Buy TRANQUILITY please go to: TRANQUILITY is a non-habit forming doctor formulated blend of 75 mg of pure L-Theanine with Valerian Root, Hops Flower, Skullcap Aerial Parts, Lobelia Inflata Herb and Betony Root per capsule. Tranquility is useful to ease the effects of stress on the mind and body during the day. At bedtime Tranquility is useful to calm the mind and promote restful sleep. Please consult with your health care provider if you are taking antidepressants or other drugs. - Free Classified Ads in US on Craigslist